Dog Gone Cute!
12:16 AM | Author: VictoriousVixen

New fabric...washed, pressed & folded! Now I'm ready to go!

Today was a bit of a lazy day...we are not feeling 100%, but as far as colds go, this is a breeze! So I am thankful for the quick turn around time for this bug...silly to say, but true! I was hoping to cut up some of my new fabric & sew today...didn't happen since I took a nap with Kyra in her's a converted crib! Man, I was tired!

Jordan came over again (and will be back tomorrow) while his mommy is in Canada. He had a hard time being dropped off this morning, which is unusual at my house! He typically is in great spirits & can't wait to play with the girls. He is missing his mama! No worries girls got him playing in no time!

We took another nature walk...without my camera this time. Those darn batteries were dead again! Oh-well...I'm hoping the few shots I did manage to take in the morning turned out good. I am still taking pictures everyday & editing when I get a chance.

Yesterday, my softball game did NOT get cancelled, despite the rain in the early morning. I wanted to get some good shots of the sunset (I'm loving the sky, cloud, sun pics lately) while I was at the park...but it was a little too late for any good quality pictures. I spotted this cute little guy in the crowd & asked to take a couple shots. His name is Brody & his owner tells me he does NOT like his cute little sweater even though he is so dog gone cute with it on! He's my pick for Sunday's P365 pic of the day. What a face!

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