Homecoming & Swing With Me
10:45 PM | Author: VictoriousVixen
I'm making it quick tonight...gotta get some sleep!!! Catching up with my P365 pics...here are yesterday & today's.

This is my neighbor Cat & her daughter Emy. I caught this picture from across the street. Cat came home late from a meeting at work (she's a teacher) and was greeted curbside by her little girl. It was a precious moment & I actually saw them both light up before my eyes!
VintageQuick Edge Burn+ some of my own paintbrush work

I met up with my long time girlfriend and her son at the park today for some fun. She is such an incredible friend, I can't begin to tell you. When I leave her, I feel uplifted & stronger than before. She empowers me & brings me back to earth. With all the craziness going on in America, it is easy to feel like things are spiraling out of control. She keeps me grounded!
I love you Lisa (and you too Jordan)!

Always a fun time playing with Jordan...

The girls were giving each other butterfly kisses tonight...it was so sweet to watch them be lovey dovey with each other!

They sat & read books together & even did their "booty-to-booty-yoga!" It was hilarious!

(darn shadow...oh-well, still a cool pic!)
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