Sunshiny Day & Hawaiian Quilt
12:02 AM | Author: VictoriousVixen
They tell me it's winter...but with the beautiful sunshiny day we had today, I'm not so sure! We got out of the house for a bit today to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I call them nature walks. We go out & explore what the day has for us.

One of our neighbor's had the sprinklers on & I told Kyra to cool off & run through them...Ava soon followed suit. They had such a great time, running back & forth, jumping & splashing. It was great to see them so happy. It felt great to get in the sun, feel the (relatively) fresh air & be with my girls. Ava isn't a baby anymore...she's a toddler & growing so fast. Kyra is independent & strong-willed. Never a dull moment in my household!

I worked on my Hawaiian quilt again today & have really enjoyed it. I know there is so much work yet to be done, but it is very satisfying to see the progress I'm making. This will be something that I will pass on to my girls and hopefully they will pass it down to their kids. I suppose I will have to make at least 2! Here are the most recent pics of my quilt, taken last week.

This picture has the kiddos so you can get some perspective on just how HUGE this sucker is!

All the stitches are by hand. This is my first quilt...first applique...yes, I know I'm crazy but I really think I can do it!

The applique is turned under and stitched...old skool baby!

This is truly a labor of love. If I wanted to be buried when I die (which I don't) I would have them wrap me up in this!!! (j/k)
I hope to carry on this treasured tradition to my girls & make quilts with them...that would be cool!
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On January 15, 2009 at 10:08 PM , AL said...

OMGoodness! Are you out of your mind?! lol. Couldn't pick something smaller for your first? Well. . .go get um tiger! It's looking absolutely beautiful, massive size and all. I have always seen Hawaiian quilts done before and just thought. . .no way! That and Lone star quilts. You're right, you CAN do it! Can't wait to see it done.

On January 18, 2009 at 10:37 PM , Nonerz said...

Yes, I'm out of my mind!!! =)
My hubby said, "why didn't you start with a pillow?" I didn't even think about that.

Thanks for the encouragement! I was hoping for some accountability to ensure I don't forget to keep stitching away.